by James Day, Anna Sapp & Kia Hellman

When Amy’s dad brings home Kemo, a Husky puppy, Amy knows immediately that they are going to be best friends. What Amy doesn’t realize, however, is that Kemo’s friendship and love will help her as she navigates the wondrous and treacherous world of growing up - with its stupid cousins, mean old neighbors, magic hugging trees, incomprehensible math problems and the grief that accompanies the inevitable loss of loved ones.

James, Anna and "Kemo"

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JAMES DAY - James William Day is a companion animal veterinarian who has been practicing in Glendale, Arizona since 1984. He has owned and operated his own practice since 1985 and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, his parents brought home his first dog at the age of six months, and by the time he graduated from High School, his home was refuge to fifteen dogs and cats. He spent seven years in Fort Collins, Colorado, until he graduated from veterinary school and returned to Arizona for practice. A year before graduation, he was introduced to his wife, Angela, who was swayed in his favor after hearing several stories about all of those dogs and cats back home. They are parents of three daughters, one of who co-authored this work. While he has written many educational pamphlets, this is his first collaboration in storytelling.

KIA HELLMAN - Kia Hellman is a writer, actor and animal lover who lives in Los Angeles.

ANNA SAPP - Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Anna Sapp was raised by her charitable mother and hard working, Veterinarian father. She spent several summers, weekends and holidays working in her dad‘s clinic. Growing up, animals were always a constant and integral part of her life, as were books. She spends almost every free moment reading. Anna graduated with Honors from the University of Arizona, met her husband that summer whom she would marry that December, and began her career as a teacher that fall. She taught for three years, including one year of Language Arts for students with Learning Disabilities, and now spends her days raising her two beautiful and active children.


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Management: Blair Silver & Company
Cover art: Gerrin Tramis
Contact co-author: Kia Hellman